Reviewed for a week, here are the pros/cons.

First off I'd like to congratulate JBL on making a wicked product and hoping to review more JBL products in the future!

I'm an avid listener of all sorts of music from clasical to electronic/dubstep/trap/country and more and to find a diamond in the rough in terms of sound clarity, I've found a winner. From first glance, these headphones were going to meet the expectations of my current headset just by the sheer awesomeness of the packaging compared to my last headphones packaging, not that the packaging would beat my current headphones but so far, the noises of opening it were, I was drooling, they really spent time on it, it feels prestige, unboxing it is like christmas.

Immediately began testing them and no doubt I was blown away - Looking at the specs, the frequency response ranges from 16Hz to 22,000Hz, now as an example of what this means, my hearing ranges from 95Hz to 16,000Hz so they cover the entire range of my audible hearing spectrum and a lot more - perfection! The bulky pioneers I have had for almost a year now have a response range of 9Hz to 40,000Hz, way over human audible hearing spectrum which makes them dangerous so be careful! - The bass on these tiny things have spectacular sound, It does not miss a beat, I wouldn't expect that from something that weighs nothing in my ears, truly revolutionary!

These are the finest in-class(bluetooth) earphones I've experienced so far and it will become apparent why, I usually wore big pioneer 40mm driver headset, bulky things with a thick head band that made me look like a princess more than anything, also it has a long chunky wire connection for clarity because you want a lot of shielding for the perfect audio experience right? bluetooth technology has been showing signs of ever increasing performance/stability in frequent years and JBL are leveraging it, immediately comparing the EndurancePeak against my bulky Pioneer headset, I came to the conclusion that the bass is totally on par with the chunky pioneers basically making the pioneers obsolete for me, seriously I just gave my pioneers to another member of the family!

How can such a powerful sound come from something so small? I think I know why - Precision Engineering from JBL, I wish I had another set so I could dismantle them and look inside to see how the magic happens, I'm so curious how you got that much tech in that tiny package footprint.

We all know the distance of most bluetooth earphones is pretty small, like 5-7 meters? Well, I tested the distance from an old iphone SE - the signal went through multiple walls at about 10-15 meters and the clarity of the sound remained stable at the expense of loudness but that's a good trade-off considering the bluetooth device emitting the sound will remain relatively close to the earphones anyway!

A great feature is the "solo mode" where you can can put the left earphone back into the charger and only use the right ear. I usually need to hear the outside world as well as enjoy music - Just imagine how horrifying it would be if you couldn't hear a family member choking on their food, this mode really will come in handy and can save lives as well as give you that edge when working with other people - maybe you'll finally get to resuscitate someone wearing neck breaking headphones at the office first for a change!?

Battery life is impressive 1,500mA equating to 3-4 hours of well, for me... bass-boosted car music.. OOohhhhh Man! Seriously that sub-bass vibration feeling is powerful, JBL driver engineering wizzardy, it really packs that punch like a massive speaker, The earphones them selves store more than enough juice when out with the "bois" biking or trekking or going to the gym to punch a bag up while feeling epic! - Sitting on discord is fun too but it only comes out the right ear which makes sense, talking in one ear, music in both, plus when listening to music in one earphone I felt more encouraged to engage in social interaction while still enjoying the bassline drop, Also with the added functionality of automatically turning off when you take them off your ear made them even more worth it.

The recharging dock sealed the deal and then some, it's a "swiss pocket knife" of earphones extending the life even further which is perfect when taking a quick nap and getting back on the go, it's not bulky and fits in a backpack with all my other life essentials.

JBL made the right decision to use the golden spring pin connector method which also gave it a water proof rating so I'll be singing in the shower and also not not worrying about the rain anymore Phew!

I really felt prestige wearing them, the way they feed around the ear with little assistance moving and rotating the POWERHOOK up and over the ear, at a measly (Right Earphone 12.01 grams) (Left Earphone 12.05 grams) equates to nothing once you put them on, even the POWERHOOK feels comfortable like it was meant to be there, I can't even feel it, they're much more comfortable with the added "Enhancer" (a little extra padding) helped shut the noises of the world out - fantastic haha!

These earphones nail all of the problems other earphone manufacturers tend to struggle with, sleekness, small form-factor, functionality and most importantly comfort and freedom, I can't shake them off my head no matter how hard I try, Now I don't encourage physical abuse to test a product but I got a mate to smack me upside the head just to see if they stayed on and they amazingly did, I'll get him back for that! I'm sure if a professional head-banger shakes really hard it might come off but I doubt it - I really don't want to risk my brain any further HAHA, they're glued to my ear, they're also grippe and not the annoying type of grippe either, they also don't rub the inside of my ear like other earphones usually do which improved the experience of finally feeling unirritated, I'm also wearing them right now, you can harldy notice they're there after a few minutes, they're amazingly light!

I'm really enjoying them too much and I urge everyone to give them a go if you come from the bulky headset side like I did, you'll be amazed, quality like this at these prices is important and just goes to show that a company like JBL can make it cheaper and better than their competetors!

The sound feels like it's being emitted from "nothing" right next to my ears because of how perfect they fit and how easy it to forget they're sitting in my ears.

A product I'll definately be taking with me whenever I go out, it's "my precious" - Well I have to now, I gave away my pioneers for the better option and I don't regret it either.

  • 1: Perfect for endurance sports such as running, jogging and none typical movement such as extreme biking or climbing and also parkour.
  • 2: Delivers high fidelity crystal clarity optimized sound.
  • 3: Long range bluetooth and maintains crystal quality.
  • 4: Does not need straps like other earphone product brands.
  • 5: Can't feel them in my ears, When focused, it's like the world is playing MY MUSIC!
  • 6: They will not fall off, believe me, I tried.
  • 7: No looking for buttons to change volume or change track or answer calls with simple touch gesture control interface!
  • 1: Can't put the right ear pod in the charger and continue using the left earphone, the left will disconnect (no handover of bluetooth signal) to the other earphone.
  • 2: The charging dock has built-in strap mount but no strap, simple fix though.
My Rating:

Why 9.0? No (bluetooth signal handover) to the other earphone, if the right one goes dead you can't continue listening until it's recharged enough to work.

Final Thoughts: Class A product, very well designed and deserves a tipped hat to the designers and driver engineers.

TO GO PRODUCT £109.99p
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